POISON Dallas TX (Aug 21) Concert Review, Video Footage Available
 August 24, 2009 / 519 reads / No comments yet

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Poison waited until just after dark to go on, and was met with the kind of enthusiastic reception the biggest bands in the world get. Maybe it?s all the VH1 exposure of the past few years, but fans young and old went wild when Bret Michaels appeared in a sleeveless Poison shirt. Yes, he wore his own band?s tee, but he came off as anything but an egomaniac during the raucous 9-song greatest-hits set. He gave plenty of stage time and props to guitarist C.C. DeVille, dedicated ?Something to Believe In? to military members in the audience and took a moment to thank fans for watching Rock of Love, an experience that ?brought total ridiculousness to my dating life.? Michaels also expressed his love for Dallas, reminding the crowd that ?Every Rose Has Its Thorn? was written here, in the bathroom of a Laundromat.

Fallen Angel

Poison?s set ? also too short ? proved to be the most energetic portion of the night.


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