RICHIE KOTZEN Forced To Cancel Shows Due To Hemorrhaged Vocal Cord
 April 12, 2012 / 408 reads / No comments yet

Richie Kotzen has posted the following message:

"Dear Friends and Fans,

I regret to say that the shows planned for this April 2012 have been cancelled.

Since I came back from Europe I have been struggling with my voice. Last Saturday's gig in San Juan Cap was a vocal disaster.

I thought it was fatigue from the brutal schedule in Europe however the voice is getting worse and now I am having pain even speaking.

Today I went to my doctor in Beverly Hills. He is an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

I was concerned I may have nodes. 16 years ago I had nodes... twice... 2 separate surgeries.

Today he looked at me and it is very very bad news.... My Left vocal chord is hemorrhaged, bruised, and bleeding.

The bottom line is I need to be on total voice rest for the next 3 weeks. This means no singing and limited talking.

I explained I had gigs next week and he told me I am the only singer he ever treated that wanted to talk about doing shows with this condition.

He explained that by trying to sing in this condition I would likely ruin my voice for good.

I am very sorry but I must cancel all shows for April including April 28th in Redondo.

The doctor assured me that if I rest and follow his advice my voice will return back to normal within 3 weeks from now.

Those of you who purchased VIP tickets will be refunded through paypal.

Sorry for this bad news.

Best Wishes,
Richie Kotzen"

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